RF products of the Smart Farms system

Articles dedicated to Smart Farm RF products and free mutual communication via radio frequency.
Find out more about the Smart RF energizers and the monitoring device Monitor MX10, which constantly monitors the voltage value of the electric fence.
Get more space to grow your farm.

What does fencee smart RF energizers offer?

Benefits of Smart RF energizers fencee

6. 2. 2023
About Smart Farm with fencee Cloud

Smart electric fence energizers offer many advantages that greatly simplify the control and monitoring of the correct operation of electric fences. Take a look at the benefits and possibilities of a remote-controlled electric fence.

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Control Monitor MX10 installation options

Electric fence monitoring device Monitor MX10 installation options

17. 2. 2022
About Smart Farm with fencee Cloud

Find out more about options for installing our smart device for remote monitoring of electric fence parameters. Online measurement of the fence voltage value 24/7.

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Practical tips for installing device with an antenna

Practical tips for installing a device with RF antenna

4. 1. 2021
About Smart Farm with fencee Cloud

By means of an external antenna, you can increase the quality and distance of reception in the extent of up to 30 km. How to install the antenna correctly in order to achieve the highest quality of reception is described in more detail in this article.

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RF technology

RF technology for free communication

20. 5. 2022

We are trying to develop new products that make your work easier. We came up with a worldwide and unique solution which is a Modern Smart Farm fencee. Your electric fences can be operated and monitored remotely thanks to the fencee Cloud app and free radio frequency through which our Smart Farm products communicate with each other. 

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How to use a grounding quality terminal and terminal with reduced output?

How to use terminal for measurement earthing quality and reduced power?

16. 3. 2022

The green or yellow output terminal on high-performing energy DUO ED energizers and smart energizers energy DUO RF EDX may be of great benefit in farming your animals. So let's describe better how to connect these terminals and what benefits bring to you.

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