New map features available on the fencee Cloud web interface

We bring new map functions to the computer version of the fencee Cloud application. They will help you to orient even better thanks to the visual display on the map. 

We bring new map functions to the fencee Cloud web application. You'll have even better overview over the fences than before.

Map Base 

For easy orientation in your smart farm, you can deploy devices in particular locations on the map. From the map, you can easily click on the respective location to get to the relevant device.

You can center the device at any time, this makes it quick and easy to get to your desired location on the map. If you have connected multiple devices in the application, you'll appreciate the ability to switch between devices, such as gateways, energizers and monitors. 

You can use it in 2 views: Map / Satellite

Map view

Virtual fence

Using a virtual fence, you can easily draw fences into the map. In case of an alarm, you can immediately see colour scheme indicating origin of the problem.

For all connected gateways, you can use the gateway bindings function to show the individual paths of paired energizers and monitors to a particular gateway.

Satellite view

Important information available immediately

Already on the map, you can immediately see important information displayed above each device icon. Energizers can be turned off/on from the map. Use the icon to easily click on a specific device with all available information and graphs.


Other functions and benefits of a Modern smart farm fencee

This unique cloud fence technology saves maximum time since you no longer have to walk around the fences. Saves your costs, because the entire system works without SIM cards. The fencee Cloud application is completely free with no limit on the number of devices. 

  • online current information about all paired devices
  • well-arranged graphs of measured values
  • display the lists of all connected devices
  • monitor and set up values, such as the battery, voltage, earthing quality and output
  • turn off and on individual devices, set limit values for announcing alarms on individual fences
  • receive immediately an online alarm into your mobile phone and e-mail in the event of an exceptional breakdown situation

Watch a video about the modern fencee Cloud farm

This video will show you how the new fencee Cloud app for controlling electric fences from anywhere in the world works:

If you have any questions, please contact our technical department We will be happy to advise you.