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Modern smart farm under control

System for management, control, and measurement of fences from a central Gateway.
Communication using RF technology at a distance of up to 30 km. 
Get a perfect up-to-date overview of all fences from one place.  

Alarm signalling
With external antenna range up to 30 km
Control up to 6 devices
No SIM card needed
Measurement of parameters
Czech product
RF technology

Operate, Control, Be in the picture

fencee power DUO RF PDX

Combined RF generator with remote control

fencee power DUO RF PDX]
Latest information
Power regulation

Online control of the fence. You know immediately about any voltage drop. Switch it on/off remotely at any time.

  • Power 1-7 J
  • Power supply 230 V ~ / 12 V
  • For fences up to 70 kilometres
  • Range of the basic antenna up to 10 km
  • External antenna range up to 30 km
  • 3 controllers can be paired to 1 generator
  • 1 controller can control up to 6 generators
  • Power supplies from mains or a battery
  • ON/OFF button


Central monitoring and control equipment for RF generator and monitor

Touch control
No SIM card required

Information about all fences on a single device. Control and monitor all of your fences.

  • Control and operation of up to 6 generators or monitors
  • Possibility of setting alarms, switching the generator on and off and operating at reduced power
  • Simple screen with information about all generators and monitors
  • Detailed display of parameters of an individual generator or monitor
  • Possibility to connect an external warning device (siren, light)
  • Mains power supply + battery backup
  • Large and clear LCD display

Monitor MX10

Remote monitoring of fence parameters

Monitor MX10]
LED indication
Measurement of parameters

It measures the fence voltage and communicates with the Gateway.

  • Possibility of connecting up to 6 Monitors to one enclosure - easy division of one enclosure into several zones
  • Easy and safe operation with a magnet
  • Range of the basic antenna up to 10 km
  • Range with external antenna up to 30 km
  • Weather resistant
  • Power supply: 2× batteries of type C LR14

Other optional accessories

External antenna with cable - 2/10 meters

External antenna with cable - 2/10 meters

Controller: power DUO RF PDX Hand

Controller: power DUO RF PDX Hand

Separate generator fencee power DUO RF PDX

Separate generator fencee power DUO RF PDX

Why a smart farm?

How does it work

With the central GATEWAY, the user has clear access to all paired devices in the enclosures. The user has the option to set an alarm level for each fence; notification given when each of the set limits are exceeded. The generators can be switched off or on remotely; power can be changed to 50% / 100% and alarms can be set.

  • The RF generator connected to the fence communicates with the central GATEWAY at a distance of up to 30 km, from which you can easily set and check the generator values.
  • The paired MX Monitor in the enclosure monitors the set voltage and, in the event of a drop, sends a signal to the central GATEWAY triggering the alarm.

Save time

No more long walks around the enclosures to find the problem. With the central GATEWAY you will always have up-to-date information on all fences in one place. If it falls below the set value, you will be notified via an alarm. Using the installed Monitor, you can easily identify the location of the problem.

Perfect overview from one place

You can easily set up and check individual fences on the large, clear LCD display with a touch screen. You have an overview of all connected devices and set parameters.

Find out more about the possibilities of FENCE GATEWAY GW10. 

Monitor and divide fences into multiple zones

The monitor measures the voltage parameters on the fence, you can easily set the limits from the central GATEWAY. Place the monitor in locations with frequent problems, divide the fence into several zones and get an overview of the individual parts. When a problem occurs, the Monitor makes it easy to locate the exact location.

Learn more about the installation and wiring options of the MX10 Monitor. 


What do clients say about us?

Advantages of the system

No additional fees

The system does not need a SIM card. No additional equipment operating costs.

RF Technology

Free wireless connection between the Gateway, generators and Monitors

6 devices

Control and monitor up to 6 devices from the central Gateway.


Smart Farming 2019 award for use of modern technology to increase the quality of agricultural production. Golden Ear 2018 and 2019 awards for innovative contribution to modern agriculture.

Range up to 30 kilometres

With an external antenna you can increase the communication range up to a distance of 30 kilometres.