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Modern smart farm under control

System for management, control and measurement of fences from the central gateway using a mobile phone or web interface via the fencee Cloud application. Get a perfect overview of fences from anywhere in the world.


Current information
Phone control
Control of up to 12 devices
Alarm signalization
No SIM card
Parameters measurement
Operate with RF

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Why a smart farm?

How does it work

The central gateway is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. The cloud collects data from energizers and control monitors. With the help of the gateway, you can easily set up and control individual devices from one place using the fencee Cloud mobile application or the web interface.

With the gateway, you have the option of setting an alarm level for each fence, during which you will be notified that the set limits have been exceeded. Energizers can be switched off or on remotely, power can be changed to 50% / 100% and alarms can be set.

  • Cloud is a secure place on the Internet through which all paired devices communicate
  • RF energizer connected to the fence communicates with the central gateway at a distance up to 30 km, from which you can easily set and check the values for each energizer
  • Monitor on the fence measures the voltage value. If the measured voltage falls below the set limit, it sends an alarm to the gateway, it will send notifications to your mobile phone and e-mail via the Cloud

Save time

No more long walks around the fences to find the problem. With the central GATEWAY you will always have current information on all fences in one place. If it falls below the set value, you will be notified via an alarm. Using the installed Monitor, you can easily identify the location of the problem.

Perfect overview from one place

Thanks to the fencee Cloud application, you will get a perfect overview of all connected devices from anywhere in the world. You always have current overview of all devices and set parameters.

Monitor and divide fences into multiple zones

The monitor measures the voltage parameters on the fence, you can easily set the limits from the central GATEWAY. Place the monitor in locations with frequent problems, divide the fence into several zones and get an overview of the individual parts. When a problem show up, the Monitor makes it easy to locate the exact location.

Learn more about the installation and wiring options of the MX10 Monitor. 

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Benefits of the system

Phone control

Control and monitor via mobile application or web interface.

Online information

Current online information about all devices.

No additional fees

System doesn't need a SIM card. No additional operating costs.

Control from anywhere

Thanks to the possibility of connecting the Gateway GW100 to the fencee Cloud, you can control and monitor the device literally from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.

12 devices

Control and monitor up to 12 devices with the FENCE WIFI GATEWAY GW100.

RF Technology

Free wireless connection between Gateway, energizers and monitors.

Online alarms

In the event of an exceptional breakdown situation - an immediate alarm to your phone or e-mail.

Time saving

The end of constant walking. You can see the status of the fence on your phone.

Awards received

Smart Farming 2019 for use modern technology to increase the quality of agricultural production. Zlatý klas 2018 a 2019 for innovative contribution to modern agriculture.

Range up to 30 km

With an external antenna, you increase communication range up to 30 km.